The Clearwater Recycling System

Capture, Sterilize, and Reuse Your Water Onsite With GRS Products

GRS 300 Installed. A Small Footprint With Low Maintenance and Virtually Noise Free

The GRS product suite captures a household’s gray water (the water washed down bathroom sinks as well as shower, tub, and washing machine water). It processes the water through a patent-pending system, retaining it in a filtered, sterile environment. From there it becomes reusable for you almost immediately.

Save Money
Reusing your own water reduces the amount you need to purchase from the city or your water authority. That’s just the inbound water to your home. But the 300 system also saves money by minimizing the water required to push your gray water out of your home to treatment.  The more water is sterilized and reused, the less water you’ll buy and the less energy will be required  to process gallons of one-time use water.

Save Energy
There’s an energy price to pay in processing water including chemicals, labor, wear and tear on your pipes and other components within the delivery system, even labor costs. 

Good Emergency Planning
Should you be in the unfortunate situation of an electrical disruption, you can revert to typical municipal water delivery systems. GRS products are designed in a “full loop” safety configuration, allowing normal use and complete dishcharge to the sewer.

Customized to Home, Community or Industry
We offer a variety of holding tank sizes as well as different modular configurations, housed in a variety of system sheds. It is even possible to conceal your GRS installation to look like a bookcase for example. It often makes sense to join with 2 or 3 neighbors for a team system that spreads the benefits while sharing the costs of purchase and installation.



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